Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers – nieuw boek van David Jury

David Jury
Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers
The Printer as Designer and Craftsman: 1700-1914

Thames & Hudson, Londen, september 2012

hardcover, 800 illustr., 312 pagina’s, 29,5 x 19,5 cm
ISBN 9780500516461, verkoopprijs € 42,99

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A rich, visual retelling of history, international in scope, this book charts the evolution of print into graphic design between 1700 and 1914. It is organized into six chapters, each beginning with a short introductory text before immersing the reader in a wealth of delightful and fully captioned examples of printed ephemera handbills, posters, advertisements, catalogues and labels that served the demands of the emerging consumer classes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and reveal the extraordinary skill, craft, design sense and intelligence of those who created them. A book of great appeal, based on comprehensive, original research, it keys into the new appreciation of craft and hand-rendered graphic design. With around 850 illustrations, many specially photographed from private collections, it will be of immense and lasting interest to graphic designers, design and social historians, as well as collectors of print and printed emphemera alike. (uitgever)


‘Bookshelf’ van Alex Johnson – verrassende bergplaatsen voor uw boeken

Alex Johnson

Thames & Hudson, Londen, februari 2012

hardcover, 272 pagina’s, 18 x 18 cm
ISBN 9780500516140, verkoopprijs € 17,99


Alex Johnson zet op zijn veelbekeken weblog ‘Bookshelf – The home of interesting bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them since 2007’ bijna dagelijks een foto van een – meestal modern – object waarin of waarop boeken bewaard kunnen worden.

Er is nu een boek verschenen, waarin Alex Johnson een selectie uit zijn inmiddels omvangrijke collectie design boekenkasten en boekenplanken presenteert.

Bookshelf presents over 200 inventive and experimental shelving designs in more than 400 colour illustrations that are sure to covet and inspire. Individual specification details are provided for each bookcase, including materials and documentation, and the accompanying texts by Alex Johnson, author and editor of ‘The Blog on the Bookshelf’, provide a fun and informative look at the history of the bookcase, as well as reflecting on how a new generation of designers have re-imagined a classic.

Introduction: In Praise of the Bookshelf • I. Bookcases • II. Single Shelves • III. Bookshelf Furniture • IV. Unusual Bookcases • V. Bookcases as Art • VI. Outside the Box • VII. Restricted-size Bookshelves

Een aanbeveling op video van timmerman Steve Ramsey geeft een beeld van de vormgeving van dit boek.

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