Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

Jen Campbell
Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

Constable and Robinson, Londen, april 2012

hardcover, 192 pagina’s, 20 x 14 cm
ISBN 9781780334837, verkoopprijs € 10,99 (bol)

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Jen Campbell schreef op haar weblog ‘this is not the six word novel’ met enige regelmaat over haar soms bizarre ervaringen met klanten in de Londense boekhandel waar ze werkte.
Van deze hilarische collectie is nu een boekje gemaakt.

Did Anne Frank write a sequel?

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops blog, which grew over three years into one bookseller’s collection of ridiculous conversations on the shop floor.

Person: Hi, I’m looking for a Mr. Patrick.
Me: No one of that name works here, sorry.
Person: But does he live here?
Me:… no one lives here; we’re a bookshop.
Person: Are you sure?

From ‘Did Beatrix Potter ever write a book about dinosaurs?’ to the hunt for a paperback which could forecast the next year’s weather; and from ‘I’ve forgotten my glasses, please read me the first chapter’ to ‘Excuse me…is this book edible?’

This full-length collection illustrated by the Brothers McLeod also includes top ‘Weird Things’ from bookshops around the world.

Jen Campbell grew up in the northeast of England, and graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in English Literature. She is a published poet and short-story writer. She lives in north London where she works at Ripping Yarns bookshop.


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