Royal Manuscripts – The Genius Of Illumination

Scot McKendrick, John Lowden, Kathleen Doyle
Royal Manuscripts
The Genius Of Illumination

British Library Publishing, november 2011

paperback, 448 pagina’s, 29 x 23 cm
ISBN 9780712358156, verkoopprijs € 30,99 (bol)

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In de British Library is op 11 november 2011 de tentoonstelling ‘Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination’ geopend om het publiek kennis te laten maken met de ‘Royal collection’, een schat aan verluchte handschriften verzameld door de koningen en koninginnen van Engeland tussen de 9de en de 16de eeuw.
Bij deze tentoonstelling is een rijk geïllustreerde catalogus verschenen.

Illuminated manuscripts collected by the kings and queens of England from the 9th to the 16th century form the heart of a unique and visually stunning collection held by the British Library. A key figure in the formation of the collection is King Edward IV (1461 – 1483), who commissioned luxury manuscripts decorated with his arms. Subsequent monarchs added to this library, which was given to the nation by George II in 1757.

Over 150 examples from this exceptional collection are presented in this catalogue, which accompanies a major British Library exhibition of the same name. These manuscripts contain paintings produced by some of the finest artists of the Middle Ages and together provide the most vivid surviving source for understanding royal identity, moral and religious beliefs, learning, faith and international politics.

The catalogue features a full-page entry of around 750 words on each manuscript included, as well as three illustrated essays which explore the wider history and context of this unique collection. It is lavishly illustrated, with a beautiful reproduction of an image from each manuscript presented alongside the text for every entry. (uitgever)

AuteursScot McKendrick is Head of History and Classics at the British Library.
John Lowden is Director of the Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts of the Courtauld Institute of Art at the University of London.
Kathleen Doyle is Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library.

Edities – Van het boek is ook een gebonden uitgave verkrijgbaar, ISBN 9780712358163 voor €45,98 (gezien bij Book Depository).

Tentoonstelling – ‘Royal manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination’ in the British Library te Londen van 11 november 2011 tot 13 maart 2012 (meer).

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