A bibliophile’s paradise – The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper schrijft over Oak Knoll Books

‘Dreaming of a store devoted to books about books? Wake up to reality; Oak Knoll Books makes this fantasy come true.’

Pradeep Sebastian, columnist bij The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper, schrijft een boeiend verslag van zijn bezoek aan de winkel van Oak Knoll Books.

“It’s the bookshop that every bibliophile secretly fantasises about, and occasionally encounters in a Jorge Luis Borges story. An entire bookstore full of just books about books. Reader, I’m here to tell you that this is no ficcione: such a dream bookshop exists. You will find it in the historic colonial town of Old New Castle in a three-storeyed Opera House built in 1879 where two floors house, in an almost labyrinthine fashion, shelf upon shelf upon shelf of books on books.

Oak Knoll Books has the largest inventory in the world of books on books. Its publishing imprint, Oak Knoll Press, tops even this Borgesian fantasy by being a fine press devoted exclusively to publishing books about books.”

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